The Scuut

The Scuut, an SCP server created by ScuutScuutLucas

which allows the community to play on a friendly and welcoming server.

Latest changelog

[ Changelog 5.1 ]

  • Changed the late join spawn chances to Facility Guard 10%, Scientist 20% and Class-D 70%
  • Changed the subclass spawn broadcasts
  • Made the late join spawn time 1,5 minutes
  • Added the website to the server info
  • How to join our server

    What we offer

  • A nice and friendly community
  • A lot of plugins that improve & make the gameplay better
  • A nice, friendly & active staff team that moderates the server at all times
  • A active server, there are almost always players online
  • We listen to the community to add plugins / suggestions to the server
  • Latest Video